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Tenants Information

Contact person on site / caretaker

In many larger residential complexes not only the caretaker is available, but also a caretaker in a local tenant office. You can reach your caretaker as well as your manager via the telephone numbers displayed in the stairwell. Here you will also find all other important emergency numbers.


Are you interested in one of our apartments? Then please submit the completed application form provided here, including all required attachments, by e-mail to .

Download application form.pdf (111kb)

Access to our apartment offers

We offer our apartments via, one of the largest online platforms, in order to reach as many apartment seekers as possible efficiently and successfully as quickly as possible.

Access owner portal

Via the “HOMECASE” portal, we offer our owners password-protected access to selected reports, analyses and reportings at any time in order to be able to request up-to-date information on their own property.

Permission for subletting

A subletting (of max. 1 room of the inhabited flat) requires a written permission of the property management. This also applies to temporary subletting. In principle, no more persons may live in the apartment than the apartment has living space. Permission to sublet can be terminated or not granted at any time if there are important reasons that justify termination or refusal. As a rule, a subletting surcharge is required for the duration of the subletting.

Permission for structural changes in the apartment

If you are planning one of the construction measures listed below, please apply in writing for approval from the property management before starting work and describe the planned measures. Here are some examples that require approval:

  • Laying laminate or other floor coverings
  • Replacement of radiators
  • Application of tiles to walls and floors
  • Installation, conversion or renewal of fitted kitchens
  • Changes to the floor plan (moving walls, etc.)
  • Changes to the electrical system

micro-repair clause

There are regular minor repairs in your apartment, which you have to pay for yourself if you are at fault as a tenant or if you have an agreed minor repair clause, which you may find in your tenancy agreement.

Keeping pets

Small animals living in a cage (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits) generally do not require permission from the landlord. For all other animals (cats, dogs etc.) the written consent of the landlord is required. This consent is also required if animals are only temporarily living with you. The permission for the attitude of a dangerous dog in the sense of the citizen of Berlin dog regulation (so-called fight dogs, also Mischlinge) is not given in principle.

You will find corresponding regulations on the keeping of pets in your tenancy agreement.

Key reorder

We will be happy to order additional house and apartment door keys for you. The costs incurred will be at your expense. At the end of the tenancy, all keys must be returned to the landlord without compensation.