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Property management services

H&P Real Estate Solutions Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH offers competent real estate management with the commitment of an owner and, at the same time, the best service to customers and tenants.

We stand for the effective management of residential complexes in the privately financed and social housing sector and, as an experienced service provider, develop an individual management concept and a cash flow for each of our clients, precisely tailored to the specific features of the respective property.

The company currently manages several large properties nationwide in commercial administration and an high number of smaller properties (in particular apartments) in Berlin in comprehensive administration.

Our authorised signatory and her team are involved daily in the processes of professional property management. Our clients benefit from their many years of experience in the real estate sector and their qualified training as business economists specialising in real estate management (BA). Our goal is to ensure the long-term preservation of the value of every property entrusted to us.

Commercial administration

Your qualified contacts will be kept up to date through regular further training in the areas of property management. Through our well-founded knowledge in the management of apartment buildings, we fulfil your demand for house management in optimum quality with long-term investment concepts and targeted optimisation of your operating costs. An always friendly service towards owners, tenants and business partners is an important contribution to a carefree property ownership.

Accounting administration

With the DOMUS 4000 software, H&P Real Estate Solutions uses one of the market-leading property management software and is therefore in a position to provide transparent and up-to-date accounts, overviews and meaningful reports. This is done via the HOMECASE Internet portal, a DOMUS 4000 module with personal access. This owner portal can also be used via an app for smartphones/tablets. We are also happy to cooperate with the tax consulting firm of your choice.

For our dedicated debtor management (dunning), the consistent enforcement of your claims is our top priority. In this way, we usually avoid costly and protracted legal disputes in advance and you have better liquidity. Should it be necessary, we work together with experienced law firms of different interests for legal representation and advice in order to optimal assert your interests.

Due to our daily payment transactions, it is also possible for us to negotiate discount amounts for you with the trade companies.

Technical administration

Finally, H&P Real Estate Solutions has, in addition to the many years of practical knowledge of its employees, valuable contacts to skilled craftsmen and service companies, where a smooth organisation is very important to us. By our regular examination of the offers and inclusion of specialized companies we obtain the most optimal result under consideration of the achievement and quality at any time.

In this context, we also work together with experienced specialist engineers and architects nationwide, who can be called-in if necessary. Our residential complexes are very well maintained, which our tenants are happy to confirm again and again.